DOCPREP Paralegal Services - Professional Legal Document Preparation Services
DOCPREP is not a law firm nor a substitute for an attorney for legal representation.  The services provided are not intended, and do not create any attorney-client relationship. The primary purpose (among others) of the services are to assist Attorneys (by per diem contract) and Pro Se (Litigants representing themselves) in preparing professional documents for legal proceedings and/or drafting documents with parties in business, immigration, divorce/family and other legal matters pursuant to the laws of the State of New York, and the United States pursuant to the Litigants specifications, the CPLR of NY.
If an attorney is needed in your legal matter, DOCPREP highly recommends making an appointment to speak with our well-established recommended Attorneys or calling your local bar association.


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*Price subject to applicable court/filing fees/travel costs/ and/or
process service fees

**Pricing varies due to complexity and length of individual cases - call or email for pricing

Uncontested Divorce - from $200.00* (w/o children) 
plus filing fees

Uncontested divorce - from  $299.00* (w/ children)
plus filing fees


Contested Divorce - call/email for pricing**

Custody/Visitation/Support Petitions - from $175.00*

Immigration Applications - from $250.00*

Landlord Evictions - from $189.00*

Civil Litigation - contact for pricing**
(Summons/Complaint/Answers/Replies/Motions/Orders to Show Cause/Discovery Demand and Response)

NEW EXPEDITED DIVORCE OPTION: additional fee of $200.00 for court processing of divorce in as little as 45-60 days - contact for details.

  • Joyce H - March 4, 2017 - I would like to say that DOCPREP is beyond exceptional and helped me win my case. DOCPREP is reliable, patient, with a simple and manageable smooth process. I made a good choice when I chose DOCPREP to assist me with my paperwork in which the fees are also very reasonable. If I had to chose a word for DOCPREP it would be FANTASTIC. I say today when you make the choice to use a legal prep service use  Doc Prep Paralegal Services. I would like to add that I HIGHLY recommend DOCPREP for your legal needs.

  • Carolyn V. - January 7, 2016 - Docprep helped draft my motion to vacate a judgment against me from collection agent.  This assisted me in negotiating and settling the judgment against me for 33 cents on the dollar, and a long payment plan.  Highly recommended!

  • Julia - September 18, 2014 - This service gets it done!    Rates a 10+ in all categories especially Dedication:  to client, case, research plus already has a treasure trove of knowledge.  

  • Dorna P. - September 8, 2014  -It's with great pleasure to write this review on DOCPREP's behalf .
    The services were very efficient and professional and most of all I was very satisfied with your quick response to my questions I would highly recommend your services to members of the public you made your clients feel very comfortable. Great Job well done .
    Five star.

  • Lucy V. - March 23, 2016 - Just wanted to stop by and thank DocPrep Paralegal for the great service they provided, I had two separate legal cases which DOCPREP helped me with the document preparation for guardianship. A little over six months I won both cases ! Again Thank You for putting me in the right path to be able to even get this far so quickly ! Would highly recommend DocPrep Paralegal services.

  • Chris H – February 14, 2015 - DocPrep did a good job for me which involved personal representation and document searches. The charges were reasonable and he delivered on time. Though we never met in person, I got the impression of competent and dependable.

  • Elvon J - November 29, 2014 - Was on CraigsList looking for a divorce  in the NYC area and came across DOCPREP, sent and email explain what I wanted done, quick response from DOCPRE P. Everything was done by email, fees are low, the service was great very professional. Thanks.

  • Susan J - - October 1, 2015 - No one can believe that we managed to get divorced with so little anxiety and so little expense – it’s thanks to DOCPREP and the service provided, assisting people through the process step-by-step and making it all very convenient.  Most of our business was conducted through e-mail and is always accessible.  The support provided made what could have been a much more difficult time easier, and we are grateful.

  • Joanne M.– February 19, 2012 -I used DOCPREP Paralegal to draft and file my divorce paperwork. They were very accessible and very knowledgeable to help guide me through this tough process. I never felt like just another file on their desk because they always took the time to patiently explain everything to me.

  • Vanessa Z. – February 13, 2014 - DOCPREP was a wonderful help with my divorce. Was always prompt with returning any questions or concerns (and I had many) that I had during the process. 
    He is reliable and trustworthy. Very reasonable rates, too.

  • Mala G.– February 11, 2012- DOCPREP's a no hassle, one stop shop. Trustworthy and makes the process simple and manageable. The work got done with little worry.

  • Ingrid M.– February 10, 2012 - I made a very good choice when I selected DOCPREP Paralegal Services from a long list of Paralegals online. The service was very professional and true to his word when assisting me on how to file an uncontested divorce in NY. My situation is a complicated one and DOCPREP has gone the extra mile with helping me to get this matter resolved. To date, his services have been excellent! I am truly grateful, Ingrid

  • Matt T. – February 10, 2012 - I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Docprep paralegal for the last year and half. I am in supreme court on a civil matter and the docprep team has been a great asset. 

  • James T. - January 26, 2012 - DocPrep was there for me every step of the way. Answered every question, replied to every email, and most of all took the stress out of filling out difficult Court documents. Companies fees were well below that of others that i had inquired about. DOCPREP made the whole process run smoothly and that made me feel at ease treated you more like a friend then just another client. I would not hesitate to use DOCPREP in the future and would feel confident to recommend them to others. Thanks again. 

  • Maria W. – May 16, 2011 I have recently started working with DOCPREP which is a very professional and honest service, and I am satisfied thus far with handling my case. 

  • Victor M. - May 10, 2011 very professional, I'm deployed in Iraq and he took care of filing my divorce case and he gave me the best service. DOCPREP is the fastest ,most professional legal service provider. I will recommend your service to all my friends and family . Thank you for your excellent service.

  • Theresa – March 15, 2011 - This is a really wonderful service. Documents are professional and service is efficient and courteous.
    John gives personal attention to your needs and makes it easy to get issues settled and resolved. Fees are very reasonable and well worth it. Highly Recommended!

  • Nancy – March 14, 2010 - I was very pleased with the services provided by DOCPREP - very responsive and the process went quite smoothly and discretely. I would recommend the services without hesitation.
  • Maria – March 13, 2011 -This service is very helpful and will save you time and money. Any questions or concerns are addressed almost instantly with professionalism and courtesy. Spread the word!
  • Vicky – March 14, 2017 - DOCPREP firm offers excellent paralegal services with its knowledgeable and professionalism. We had no any experience preparing and processing all these legal documents for the two cases we had in court. It was a great help receiving assistance any time by phone, email, in person.

    A very good experience for my husband Paul and I and we highly recommend this firm to all our friends.
  • Daja – March 14, 2011 Absolutely reliable, versatile and affordable services. John has worked with me at all hours including weekends and has been flexible enough to also communicate via text, email, phone and in person. In my hectic schedule I can't say how much I valued that. Would highly recommend him and his team any day!

  • John – October 7, 2017 We found the services of DOCPREP Paralegal on the internet and was looking for a
    local NY firm to handle a simple divorce. We contacted DOCPREP Paralegal and received immediate response and call, in which all the services were explained in detail. In working with DOCPREP Paralegal all of the documents were prepared quickly and professionally and would recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal assistance in the courts. We are extremely satisfied with the attention given to our case and the prompt manner in which all the details were taken care of.

  • Linda B. – March 19, 2013  I've been divorced for six years but I have been involved in post litigation involving custody and child support. I had been representing myself but recently received papers from my ex husband's attorney that required the attention of a professional. I must say that I was skeptical at first. However, DOCPREP responded to the matter on the level of a high priced attorney that I couldn't afford. I highly recommend his services without hesitation.
  • Tom - February 28, 2014- DOCPREP is the fastest ,most professional legal service provider. We have worked only one time but we are going to work again. Thank you for your excellent service.

 About Us
Established in 2010, DOCPREP Paralegal Services  (affiliated  and supervised by a general practice solo-practitioner, amongst other firms) is an ABA approved certified independent paralegal, providing professional legal document preparation, open to assist attorneys (solo practitioners/law firms), as well as the general public ("Pro Se" Litigants), in generating, drafting, and filing of legal documents within the New York City and surrounding areas.  


We offer services in document preparation - including but not limited to: Uncontested Divorces, Contested Divorces, Family Court proceedings, Wills, Living Wills, Pre-Nuptials, Power of Attorney, Business and Loan Agreements, Immigration, and Business and All types of Civil Litigation (motions, orders to show cause, summons/complaints, answers, replies, discovery, summations), and much more.

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ABA Certified Paralegal

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